• Art Cars

    A hybrid app designed with the aim to facilitate you in driving the car of your dream within affordable price. ART CAR is a rental car app facilitating customers to rent the car of their dream, with the feature of calculating rental charges as per your choice and destination and duration of rent.


  • Petagram

    Petagram is a native app that allows users a chance to have a lot of cyber fun with their pets. Using Petagram, not only can pet owners upload and share their beloved pet’s pictures, it also allows them the opportunity to interact with other pet owners within a certain radius.


  • Doodle Shmoodle

    Doodle Shmoodle is so much fun, especially when it is taken to a whole other level by the simple use of the Doodle Studio. The fun app has something to offer everyone, download and use to doodle as much as they like. And that is not to mention how much simple doodling can help get your creative juices really flowing!


  • CarBoss

    Want to book a taxi or car in Charleston, South Carolina? Any specific choice in mind? How does a sedan, Sprinter, SUV or even a minivan sound like? Using CarBoss, the only car/ taxi shuttle service operating within the entirety of Charleston, South Carolina, users can book the car of their choice as far in advance as they like.



    Living in a distant area in Africa so that attending an educational institution in any developed country only feels like a dream as distant as your residence? There is no need to worry! UNICAF Scholarships, an app designed by Unic Online Ltd. is just the thing for you.