Living in a distant area in Africa so that attending an educational institution in any developed country only feels like a dream as distant as your residence? There is no need to worry! UNICAF Scholarships, an app designed by Unic Online Ltd. is just the thing for you.


Android: Developed on Java using Android Studio

Explore and Apply For Scholarship

The app not only allows students the chance to access some of the best educational facilities at the other end of the world, it also helps students apply for scholarship programs so that they only have to pay a very subsidized fee instead of the exorbitant sums usually demanded at some of the best and most prestigious educational institutes across the world.

Easy to Use!

For now, UNICAF is only targeting students who are studying at just three universities, one each in Europe, America and Britain. Khaleej went an extra mile to develop an application that incorporates UI/UX of the app that is engaging and fun to use to get students hooked instantly. The idea is not to just provide learning but delivering the experience through which they can enjoy exploring the offered services and at the same time apply for their scholarship. Plaudits for UNICAF for innovative idea and for Khaleej for helping them achieve their vision of providing scholarship to students of distant area in Africa.



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